Announcing… 30 days of sketchmi!


For the next 30 days of our campaign, team sketchmi presents:

30 days of sketchmi!

Each day, we’ll upload a brand new sketch to our Youtube page, so keep your eyes peeled. You can find them here. Feel free to tweet your ideas for sketches to @getsketchmi, or comment below

Here’s Day #1! Since today is Star Wars Day

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Getting It Right

Getting It Right

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A poem that begins with

Your ankles make me want to party,
want to sit and beg and roll over

is definitely sure to catch and hold my attention.

Some gems:

Your back is the back of a river full of fish;
I have my tackle and tackle box. You only have to say the word.
Your back, a letter I have been writing for fifteen years, a smooth stone,
a moan someone makes when his hair is pulled, your back
like a warm tongue at rest, a tongue with a tab of acid on top; your spine
is an alphabet, a ladder of celestial proportions.
When I place my fingers along it there isn’t an instrument in the world
I’d rather be playing. It’s a map of the world, a time line,
I am navigating the North and South of it.