Reading List

Readings/videos that I would like to get around to doing, sometime:


in singapore we love through food 

This 9-Year-Old Kid Has More Wisdom In His ‘Star Wars’ Pajamas Than I Will Obtain In A Lifetime 

Why Good Intentions Aren’t Good Enough: A Primer on Systems & Leverage Points

The Problem with Fair Trade Coffee | Stanford Social Innovation Review


Brandon Stanton: The Good Story – Founder of Humans of New York speaks at TEDx Columbia College

The Leopard – James Meek on Belonging

Where is the Inequality Problem?

8 Simple Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Writing

Understanding Facebook’s Lost Generation of Teens

Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices


Design and Policy

Redesigning the Service Experience, CSC

Powering Collaborative Policy Innovation: Can Innovation Labs Help?

Why Design Thinking Will Fail

Design Labs and Policy Innovation

Google Ventures on 9 Shortcuts for Better, Faster Design Research

Case Study: Greater Good Study on Designing Everything but the Food


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