Back this badass bread-boarding tool on Kickstarter!

It’s been super exciting to see all of our Product Design cohort’s various products take off! Besides checking out sketchmi on Kickstarter (Now at 15% funded! Breaking into the double digits yo),  you should also check out our classmate’s Kickstarter project Ohmkara. They have 5 days left in their campaign, and are very very close to getting funded!

From their Kickstarter page:

OHMkara is a bread-boarding multi-tool. Back us today and help us turn at-risk students into the next generation of makers and doers!

Our mission is to bring electronics curriculum to at-risk, Bay-Area middle and high school students who have little to no access to electronics or tech curriculum.

We have designed a multi-tool that, with our curriculum, will inspire students and ease the minds of teachers and educators. The simple tool allows for previously unseen efficiency in the learning and building process. We plan to create a sponsorship model where people like you can purchase these tools from our website and we would then donate them to schools in need.

They’re raising funds for their injection molding tooling, and I think it’s a pretty cool project, whether you’re getting it for yourself or for an at-risk student. Check it out and consider backing it 🙂

Back this badass bread-boarding tool on Kickstarter!

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