Help us jumpstart #creativeconfidence!

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T – 5 days to the projected launch of our Kickstarter campaign! We’re starting a Thunderclap campaign to supercharge our Kickstarter after its first week, and we need you to click through and support us! We have 12 days to get to 100 supporters and more in order for our campaign to succeed.

What is Thunderclap and how does this work?
Glad you asked! Thunderclap allows people to pledge a Tweet, Tumblr post, or Facebook update all on the same time, on the same day for maximum effect, kinda like an online flashmob of *awesomeness*. On May 11, if we reach at least 100 supporters, everyone who has supported the campaign will automatically post on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook sharing the link to our Kickstarter and spreading our message of creative confidence.

For all of you who have been following this project, here’s an easy and simple way to support us by lending us your social voice. Please help! We really appreciate each and every bit of support!

Help us jumpstart #creativeconfidence!

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