Images + Text | #8 walking away

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It’s been one heck of a week coming back to school and starting my very last quarter here at Stanford. For one, I’ve had to get used to a normal sleeping schedule, and to waking up early for class. I’ve turned in my program sheet, and don’t foresee anything in the way of me graduating, and so that’s one more step to me being out the door and leaving Stanford.

Something that’s been great to add to the schedule this quarter has been social dance. I will, I think, commit to West Coast Swing lessons, both beginner’s and intermediate. The beginner’s class is good in catching up with actual technique, and the intermediate is so much of a challenge I nearly wanted to quit, but have decided to go ahead with it. Learning West Coast Swing has felt like a door I didn’t even know was closed has opened, like there are so many possibilities that I can’t even begin to understand the edge of it. As has been leading in Social Dance II. I’ve been learning to follow social dance for a while, but I’ve only started learning how to lead this year, and it’s been a great experience too. The first time I managed to lead a pivot with a follow, I was ecstatic. (Similarly for chained pivot-rollaways, just magnified many many times) Listening to music, I find myself noticing patterns in the music, trying to think what would be a great variation to lead. Which might be why I’m up late tonight, listening to music, reading sappy fic, and thinking. Of the possibilities, of what can be.

Images + Text | #8 walking away

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