getting crafty: hex nut rings

One of the housekeeping chores I’ve been doing this spring break is to sort through all my art/design/engineering supplies and take stock of everything I own. And oh gosh, I have so much stuff. Moving out’s going to be a pain. I can’t take a lot of things with me when I leave, so I plan to use as much of these supplies as possible, before the end of the school year.

One of the things I stock in my great big pile of odds-and-ends are assorted fasteners – screws, nuts, washers, etc. Especially after ME210, I had quite a lot leftover. Some of them don’t match the screws I have, and so, inspired by Alex’s (the other half of sketchmi) hex nut earrings, here are my hex nut rings:

Waiting for the polish to dry…
One down, five more to mount!
One down, five more to mount!

I also happened to have a packet of ring blanks that I’d bought last year (on Alibaba, haha), and so it was a simple matter of sanding down the surfaces, painting the hex nuts with nail polish (priming and spray-painting is another option, but I was a little impatient), and fastening the nuts onto the ring blanks.

Set of 6

Colors limited by the extent of my collection of nail polish 😛 Let me know what you think!

getting crafty: hex nut rings

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