Gators Gonna Gait (Margot the Alligator in motion!)

Figured I should do something with all the video footage we amassed over the course of our ME112 final project, which we collected as a kind of insurance, like, “Hey, so… we know it maybe didn’t work quite as well on demonstration day, but here’s a video of it working this one time!” Sometimes things work really well until the day of, and then they fail.This Spring break, I’m actually taking it easy for once, and that’s been really helpful to take stock of everything that’s happened over the past year, because believe me, a lot has happened. Documenting completed projects and updating my portfolio has been one part of it, but so has taking trips up to SF, random bike rides, leisure cooking, and reading.

Here’s a video of Margot the Alligator in motion. It definitely wasn’t the easiest project to complete, and we dragged our group through iteration after iteration, trying to calibrate the center-to-distance between our timing pulleys for optimum belt tension (not too loose, not too tight either), trying to design the feet right so it would grip right, but not fall into cracks, not catch or drag on the woodchips / slate. We started with a box, and once we got a walking box, we added a cardboard head and tail (which we could fold in to satisfy the minimum height requirements).

Gators Gonna Gait (Margot the Alligator in motion!)

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