Baby #1 – The Apartment and its Assorted Hacks

I said I’d put up photos, so here they are, finally.

When we first moved in two weeks ago, the apartment looked like this:

Image(The view from the doorway, the clutter is all the luggage we lugged from the hotel to the apartment complex and deposited, unceremoniously, in the living room.)

Image(My room, before moving in, spartan and bare.)

Two weeks later, I’ve finally put up all the photos, postcards, and paintings I collected while in Europe, our laundry is drying in the breeze, our floor is clean, our hacks are ingenious…

Image(The living room, and the couch that is my bed for the moment until we purchase mattress toppers.)

Image(My room, now with a lot more mess but a lot more warmth, sheets, and an improvised pillow – that’s Hack #2 for you)

Image(Remember Hack #1, the inverted-stool-trash-can? Here’s what it looks like ^ If you look closer you’ll also notice a piece of paper wedged between the stool frame and the bag — that’s Hack #1a, our make-shift dustpan. Since we couldn’t find a dustpan at the supermarket, and I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it to purchase one for the summer, what we do is to sweep the dust onto the paper, which we then use to dispose of the dust into the trash bag.)

Image(Hack #3, the low shower barrier, built out of 2 wooden planks, 3 bricks, one plastic bag, and tape. Basically, it prevents water from spreading everywhere when we shower. Mats and house slippers also really helped in preventing us from trekking water around the apartment, so hooray for them.)

The apartment’s something that I’ve come to be really proud of, what with all the work Brady and I’ve put into cleaning, fixing, improving, and decorating it. In fact, you could say it’s like our baby… Our senior intern and co-worker likes to tease the two of us and ask Brady if he’s my boyfriend (he’s not), to which he used to reply with an enthusiastic yes. But now, we basically agree that we’ve completely skipped past the boyfriend-girlfriend phase and are pretty much a married couple, husband and wife, now — we live together, commute to work together, work together, cook together (though I mostly cook because I’m a better cook), and explore Beijing’s nook and crannies together. The apartment was basically the first baby that led to a shotgun marriage, and now, 2 weeks into marital bliss, we have quite a few more babies:

  • The apartment
  • WiFi in the apartment, and VPN!
  • SolidWorks and Desktop PCs
  • The 3D Printer, that was recently repaired in the office, and which is now fully functional and producing even more babies — grand-babies!
  • Bikes, which we purchased over the weekend, and which cut our 30-minute commute to a nifty 7 minutes, woohoo!

Anyway, that was a rather extended analogy, but it still holds so far, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be the running joke of the summer. Here’s some sass from the two of us — more updates about our weekend next time!


Baby #1 – The Apartment and its Assorted Hacks

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