Water, WiFi, AND SolidWorks! :)

Friday, June 26 2014

When I turned on the tap on Wednesday, there was running water! So now we have both water AND WiFi, which is a winning combination.

Continuing the winning streak in life, in the office we now have our own desktop PCs and SolidWorks (as well as Adobe Creative Suite software), which is a great relief because we really needed them to be able to do our work, especially SolidWorks. We had tried to learn Rhino in the interim, but it’s still fantastic to have access to software that we’re familiar with.

Work-wise, things are heating up and getting more complex and exciting. Brady and I have started CADing up prototypes, and are now waiting on the 3D printer to get fixed so we can start testing them out, which will probably happen today morning. We’ve already been trained to use it, and I get the feeling that over this internship the two of us will become very familiar with it 🙂 On Wednesday, the entire engineering team walked through the entire user experience and listed out all the bugs we had to fix, organized by teams responsible (software, electronics, mechanism) and ranked them from most to least urgent. Brady was elsewhere user-testing a product, and so I sat in alone and tried to understand as best I could — the entire meeting was in Chinese, the discussion was technical, rapid, and heated, but I managed to catch the gist of it, I suppose. Earlier today, we went to the company that manufactures our prototypes to communicate our specifications, and it was great to be introduced to their engineers and shown around their factory.

As one of the senior interns says, 实践是检验真理的唯一标准 (Practice is the sole criterion of truth). He’s a cool guy, and has really taken care of us thus far. He likes to ask us about our learning points, and to deliver his soundbites. Other things he says:

  • It’s one thing to study theory, but it’s another to practice what you’ve learnt.
  • All the different aspects of a product have to fall in step with each other: software, electronics, design, mechanisms, and manufacturing (and it was pretty cool to see that in practice!)

Later, I met up for dinner with an old friend who’s studying and interning in Beijing, and figured out how to ride side-saddle on the back of a motorcycle 😀 Still, I remain really in awe of all these Beijingers who are able to ride side-saddle with no hands, or while texting on their phone! After really good Japanese food and 烤串, I headed back, began the long trek home from the subway station, and… should probably sleep now so I’m not exhausted at work.

Water, WiFi, AND SolidWorks! :)

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